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Tianchang Yuanfeng Wire Die Co.,LTD
Our Factory was founded in year 1996, is one of leading manufacturers of wire drawing dies.
We has expertise in manufacturing and supplying of natural diamond dies with range 0.013mm-1.40mm,polycrystalline diamond wire drawing dies (PCD dies) with range 0.013mm-16.00mm,single crystal synthetic wire drawing dies (SCS dies),Tungsten carbide dies,Extrusion tips and dies and coating dies etc.

Whether you are drawing copper, aluminum, gold, stainless steel or other metals,Zhenhua Wire Drawing Dies manufacturers precision draw dies in every conceivable shape and size for every application

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  Contact: Mr. Lu

    TEL: +86-550-7768818 7682168

    FAX: +86-550-7046918

  Sales: +86-013359009688

    Mail: dies@lsmcn.cn

  Address: No.60,Zhenxin Road Tianchang City,Anhui,China

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